Tree Protection Committee

Section 10.6 Tree Protection Committee (TPC)

10.6.1 Membership

  • City Council shall appoint a Tree Protection Committee comprised of seven (7) city residents from the following fields or areas: 
    • landscape design
    • utility company
    • forestry
    • city historic district
    • at large
    • at large
    • at large
  • Should a city resident not be available to serve under any of the categories, City Council may appoint a non-city resident.
  • Tree Protection Committee members shall serve two (2) year staggered terms.
  • The Tree Protection Committee is staffed by the Parks Director. 

10.6.2 Powers & Duties

The Tree Protection Committee shall have the following duties:

  • Advise the city on needed revisions to Section 6.3 regarding tree protection;
  • Review and recommend disposition of permit requests not specifically authorized under Section 6.3; and
  • Review permit requests and advise City Council on appeals filed pursuant to Section 6.3.


Repeats every month on the fourth Thursday until Thu Nov 26 2020.
December 27, 2018
Meeting Location: 
City Hall 242 Hampton St Walterboro SC 29488


Sue Tilden
Mike Ferrari
Calvin Bailey
Mitzi Carter
Tom Lohr