The City Council appoints the Municipal Judge to two-year terms beginning in July. Morrison Payne, the current Municipal Judge, presides over both traffic court and jury trials. The Associate Municipal Judge, Deborah Kane administers bond hearings and handles other court responsibilities when Judge Payne is unavailable.  Judge Timothy Rowe is the Assistant Bond Judge.   

The mission of the Judicial Department is to provide a constitutional and statutory medium for the enforcement of traffic offenses, municipal ordinance violations, and State misdemeanors adopted by municipal ordinance as offenses against the City of Walterboro.

 In order to accomplish this mission, the Judicial Department operates the Walterboro Municipal Court by:

  • Providing both defendants and plaintiffs with knowledgeable and helpful service
  • Ensuring that no warrants of arrest are issued before probable cause is established to support the warrant
  • Ensuring that no person is deprived of his or her liberty or property without due process of law
  • Providing court administration to guarantee that all persons coming before the Court are treated equally and have protected rights afforded them under the United States Constitution, the South Carolina Constitution, and applicable ordinances and statutes

Fines Information

For questions about current fines, call Court Administration at (843) 782-1057.

  • Pay Tickets Online
  • Public Index-Online Case Search
  • All unpaid fines/court costs will be processed through the Setoff Debt Collection Act and all charges, including fees, will offset the defendant's state income tax refund through the South Carolina Department of Revenue. 

Contact Us

  • Deborah Kane O'Quinn
    Associate Municipal Judge
  • Timothy Rowe
    Associate Bond Judge
  • Morrison Payne
    Municipal Judge
  • Clerk of Court
  • Deputy Clerk of Court

For questions concerning Warrants, Jury Trial, Jury Duty, NRVC Forms, and DMV Form DL-53, call (843) 782-1057 for more information.