Welcome Contractors!  Walterboro would like contractors working in the City to have a positive experience.  We strive to work with you to get your project done!

The Planning and Development Department stands ready to help contractors move their projects forward smoothly and safely. Whether it is a renovation, addition, or new construction, we want to assist with timely support, and inspections to ensure safe, quality construction. 

Remember, this page is for you, contractors. Please let us know what else you would like to see here. 

Building Construction Permits & Inspections

Whether your project is part of a larger development project or is a stand-alone building, your project is important to us. When plans are required, we are here to ensure that they comply with the most recently adopted codes and regulations. The Building Plans Examiner will assist you through the permitting process and will coordinate with other City staff to ensure your plans are approved according to codes as efficiently as possible.

Planning & Plan Submittal

Most building permit applications require some level of plan submittal for review to ensure compliance.  We recommend a short meeting before incurring expenses to make sure we are all on the same page. Simply call or email to discuss your project or set up a meeting. We are eager to sit down with you and get your project moving. 

Site & Construction Plan Submittal

  • Three (3) sets of site plans and building elevations for one and two-family construction
  • Three (3) sets of site plans and building elevations for commercial construction
  • A tree survey could possibly be required, depending on the extent of construction and the location of the site
  • Drawings must be drawn to scale indicating:
    • Setback, buffer, and height requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)
    • All new construction including fences with boundaries of adjoining properties
    • Total square footage of parcel and total square footage of impervious land
    • Required Base Flood Elevation if construction is in a flood hazard zone

Commercial Building Plan Submittal

  • Three (3) sets of complete building plans and specifications including, properly sealed by an SC registered architect or engineer (for building size, height, or occupancy)
  • Drawings must indicate:
    • Footings/Foundation plans and fasteners. Piers and pilings require structural calculations from an engineer.
    • Floor framing plan with structural calculations if requested
    • Roof framing plan
    • Energy calculations if requested

Timing is everything! Our goal is to contact you within 10 days of receiving your plans for any revisions necessary prior to approval. The quicker you get any revisions to your plans back to staff, the quicker you can receive your building permit!

 Building Permit Instructions

The permit expires if the work authorized is not commenced within six months of the date of issue or if work is abandoned or suspended for a period of 6 months. If an extension is required, submit your request in writing indicating the reason for the delay in the completion of the project. Keep in mind that a structure cannot be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued or a final inspection is approved.

Helpful Hints

  • All required paperwork must be submitted to City Hall before the inspection is requested.
  • Approved plans must be available at the job site.
  • Post the building permit card on the job site at all times in a visible and readily accessible location.
  • Be sure to provide access for the inspection.
  • For efficiency, be sure the job is ready for inspection prior to requesting it.

Regular Inspections

To schedule an inspection, call 843-782-1000, ext. "0" after 8 am. We will schedule your inspection for the next possible appointment. To obtain inspection results, or cancel an inspection you can call Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm.

Certificate of Occupancy or Final Inspection

After passing all inspections and submitting any requested final paperwork, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy for new construction or a 'Final' for other construction. CONGRATULATIONS!