Join the City

Your address already says you live in Walterboro, but the official map does not.

That is costing you services and cash!

If you live near the edges of the City of Walterboro, you may be eligible to join!

It is simple. Just fill out a form. We will take care of the rest.

Benefits include:

  • Greatly Lower your Water Bill
  • Curbside Garbage collection, twice weekly!
  • Increased Benefit from more Police Coverage
  • Possibly even reduce your tax bill.

See for yourself with our calculator to the right.

You need two things:

  • Your property tax bill.
  • Your water bill.

Enter your appraised value from your tax bill.

Enter your total from your water bill.

See the Savings!

Make it official, JOIN AND SAVE!

Call 843-782-1004 or email Ryan McLeod to start this process.

Estimate Your Tax and Water Service Costs*

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