Scam Alert

Part of our duty as The Walterboro Police Department is to notify our citizens of crime trends that are going on within the city. Over the past few months we have received an influx of scams on citizens both by individuals and mail sweepstakes. We have hosted several fraud awareness classes that have been open to the public to raise awareness for these types of scams.

With the influx of scams, our officers have made several arrests on a local individual who is preying on individuals using a common scam. Although we have taken measures to reduce scamming, please remain cautious. If you are approached by an individual claiming to know you, and they ask you for money be aware that this is a scam. They have used common phrases such as, “Hey don’t you remember me? I use to work with your husband. My car ran out of gas and I left my wallet. Do you have a few dollars for me to get some gas?” This particular scam is used at grocery or department stores and is targeted towards individuals who are alone. Don’t become a victim, try to use caution.

As always, your safety is our priority. Please report all incidents of scams and contact the Police Department immediately if this happens to you. Our non-emergency number is 843-549-1811.

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February 2018