Agenda for Election Commission



August 16, 2019

9:00 A.M.

I. Call to Order: Chairman Payton Crosby.

II. Old Business:

1. Update on New Voting System, ExpressVotes - Angela Upchurch.

2. Update on Combining Walterboro #5 with Walterboro #4 at Forest Hills Elementary School - Angela Upchurch.

III. New Business:

1. Approval of the Minutes for the July 26, 2019 Municipal Election Commission Meeting (Minutes attached).

2. Discussion and Approval of the Candidates’ Registration Packet (attached).

3. Discussion and Approval of Certified Letter to Send to Walterboro #5 Voters and Date to Send out (Sample attached).

4. Approval of Revised List of Clerks, Poll Managers, Rovers/Technicians, Receiver/unloader, and Alternate Workers - Angela Upchurch (attached).

5. Discuss Poll Workers Training Dates for New Voting System, ExpressVotes - Angela Upchurch.

6. Determine and Discuss Responsibility for Polls to be Set Up on November 4, the day before the Election.

7. Discussion of a Delivery System for Scanner and Other Election Equipment and Locked Storage.

8. Discuss Necessity to Have a Backup Scanner(s) Available.

9. Discuss How Election Results will be Determined and Tallied by the MEC on Election Night.

10. Determine Which Precincts Will Need to be Hand-Counted Prior to Certification of the Election - Angela Upchurch.

11. Update on Ordering Paper Absentee Ballots and Other Ballots - Angela Upchurch.

IV. Schedule Next Meeting: Staff Recommends Sept 6 at 5:15 P.M.

V. Adjournment:

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