Walterboro Wildlife Center

Walterboro City Council took a monumental step in preserving South Carolina's rich natural heritage and history when it initiated plans for the Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary. In the first phase of development, an elaborate woodland trail system was constructed allowing visitors to traverse the hardwood forest and numerous "braided creeks" that flow through the Sanctuary. The second phase included the restoration of a section of the first overland route from Charleston to Savannah running through the heart of the Sanctuary. Originally constructed by Indian tribes and later used by colonists, the old Stagecoach Road was instrumental in the development of the coastal region. 

Tying it all together is the Walterboro Wildlife Center, an interpretive exhibition hall where visitors will learn about the important role swamps play in the Lowcountry and the habitat they create for numerous species of plants and animals. Displays also will offer information on other nature-based attractions within a 100-mile radius.