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Christmas Parade Application

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Division: 1st prize awards | 2nd prize awards | 3rd prize awards (Marching, Religious, Commercial)
-Only two (2) vehicles per group will be allowed to participate in the parade.
-Dignitaries are permitted to ride in cars (Please turn on inside light)
-Motorcycle units and car clubs will be allowed if pre-registered and approved by Walterboro Christmas Parade Committee.
-The Walterboro Christmas Parade Committee has the sole right to prohibit any entry from participating in the parade


Each entry will be responsible for its own vehicle, decoration, lights (night parade) driver, and signage. All entries should have some form of Christmas decorations. All entries, including marchers, should be lit for evening viewing. Just when you think you have enough lights…. ADD MORE! Be creative and use any lighted Christmas holiday decorations, string lights, battery operated lights, etc. The most common power source is called an inverter found at most hardware stores and your local Wal-Mart. All entries are encouraged to have music. The selections must be Christmas related and appropriate for YOUNG CHILDREN! Make this year’s parade FUN! (No entry may include a live Santa. The “Real Santa” will arrive in high style at the end of the parade.)


Report to the lineup site in front of Colleton Center on Hampton Street beginning at 4:00 p.m. The parade site coordinator will assign a unit number to your entry at this time. The parade route will travel up Hampton Street, turn right on Jefferies Highway, turn right on Washington Street, turn right on Neyle Street, turn right on North Miller Street and disperse at the Colleton Center.


The City of Walterboro assumes no liability; entry and participation is voluntary and at the participants’ own risk. The applicant acknowledges, on behalf of the organization or entity listed above, that he/she accepts full liability and responsibility resulting from any negligent activities by the driver of its float, vehicle, cycle, and/ or rider. By agreeing to participate in this function, the entity agrees that it will hold the City of Walteboro harmless from any injury or property damage caused to any individual or groups of persons as a result of its parade activities. The Walterboro Christmas Parade Committee expressly disclaims all liability resulting from the actions of participants in the parade, acts of God and unforeseen events. This disclaimer shall flow to all participants in the parade.

COMPLETED APPLICATION MUST BE RETURNED BY TBA DATE, to Walterboro Welcome Center located at 1273 Sniders Highway. Phone: 843-538-4353