Ireland Creek - SOQ Addendum

Ireland Creek Revitalization Project Questions

Has funding for the project been secured? Do supporting funds for this project originate from State or Federal grant programs that could restrict acceptable designs, methods, or costs?  
Funding for the project has not been secured. Supporting funds may include a combination of local, state, and federal funds that could potentially impact acceptable designs, methods, and costs.  
Has a budget or range of costs been set?  
Not at this time – the City will rely on the consultant to formulate a budget based on the specific project objectives of the City.  
Size of project site. Can you be a little more specific as to the physical extents of the project area? As is mentioned in the SOQ, the creek traverses a significant route through Walterboro, and it would be helpful to know the anticipated project boundaries to best address our scope of services.  
The main project area includes all of parcel 163-11-00-242, which consists of 2.9 acres and runs diagonally from the North-East to the South-West. It is bounded on the South-West end by the bridge at West Washington Street, and on the North-East end by the end of the parcel which is approximately 300 feet beyond the bridge at North Jefferies Blvd. Additionally, we will include an extension of + 300 feet beyond each of the West Washington Street bridge (into parcel 163-11-00-242) to increase functionality and aesthetic value. The property is owned by the City of Walterboro.  
Expected/Desired timeline (will phasing be necessary)?  
Phasing may be necessary depending on project cost and availability of funding.  
Selection of Consultant             October-November 2021
Conceptual Master Planning     December 2021 – June 2022
Final Design                             July 2022 – December 2022
Bid Project                               January 2023
Award Contract                       February 2023
Begin Construction                   March 2023
Description mentions “dredging/channeling”. Does this mean that revitalization will require changes to the creek beyond simple restoration? Are there existing upstream or downstream drainage problems that the City would like to have evaluated and resolved through the Ireland Creek beautification project and if so, could they be described in general terms.  
One of the primary goals is to try and mitigate flooding in and around Ireland Creek to include commercial and residential properties on Ireland Creek Drive and Ivanhoe Drive in the areas between North Jefferies Blvd. and West Washington Street.  
Description mentions “Property Impacts.” Can you elaborate on what type of impacts you’d like the consultant to assess? Environmental, property values, commercial revitalization, easements?  
The impacts that the consultant will need to assess include environmental, property values and commercial  revitalization.  
Does the City have specific visions for the Ireland Creek restoration/enhancement? Is the restoration/enhancement intended to only address flooding/drainage? Or, is there a desire to improve biohabitats and/or water quality as well?  
The restoration/enhancement addresses both flooding/drainage and aesthetics. A secondary benefit may be to improve biohabitats and water quality.  
There are some existing trails/walkways and parking areas as a part of Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary including some existing crossings on Ireland Creek; does the City intend to revitalize existing trails and/or potentially add new trails,  or is the City’s intention to solicit a complete redesign of site?  
The City will be addressing the condition of the boardwalks and trails inside the Wildlife Sanctuary in a separate project. Any new trails will be constructed along Ireland Creek as part of the revitalization project.  


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