City Attorney



City Attorney

City of Walterboro


The City of Walterboro is soliciting letters of interest from persons interested in the position of City Attorney.  A law degree is required, and the individual must be of good and reputable standing and a member of the South Carolina Bar Association.  The position is part-time.  


  • Attend all meetings of the City Council, unless excused thereby. 
  • Act as parliamentarian. 
  • Propose and review ordinances, resolutions, and documents presented to the City Council, when requested to do so. 
  • Give opinions upon questions of municipal procedure, form, and law to any Councilmember and other municipal officials, when requested to do so. 
  • Defend the City against all civil suits. 

Experience Required 

The City Attorney shall have a minimum of two (2) years of experience.  

How to Apply 

Please send a cover letter and resume to Jeffrey P. Molinari, City Manager, City of Walterboro, PO Box 709, Walterboro, SC, 29488, or via email at 


July 31, 2021. 

The City of Walterboro is an Equal Opportunity Employer.