South Carolina Artisans Center

334 Wichman St. (843) 549-0011

Monday–Saturday, 10 am–5:30 pm, Sunday 1 pm–5 pm.


Representing over 300 of the State's finest juried artists and craftsmen, demonstrations and exhibits. It's mission is to preserve and perpetuate the folk art and fine craftsmanship of South Carolina artisans while creating a better understanding of the state's rich cultural heritage.


The Bedon-Lucas House Museum

205 Church St. (843) 549-9633

Thursday – Saturday, 1-4 pm


Located close to Walterboro's first settlement in Hickory Valley, it was constructed in 1820. In 1996 the Colleton County Historical & Preservation Society raised funds to purchase and restore the building.

Colleton County Historical & Preservation Society
205 Church Street



Colleton County Courthouse

101 Hampton St.

The main courthouse was completed in 1822. The front portico was designed by Robert Mills, designer of the Washington Monument, the Washington D.C. Treasury Building and many South Carolina courthouses. It's outside walls are three bricks thick (28"), coated to appear as stone. The first nullification meeting in South Carolina was held here in 1828, when Robert Barnwell Rhett called for the immediate secession of the state legislature in protest of Federal tax laws. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



The Colleton Museum & Farmer's Market

506 E. Washington St. (843) 549-2303

Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Website: At out new location. Museum features exhibits on Colleton County's history, Natural Resources, Plantation Era relics. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary

Detreville Street (843) 538-4353

Free admission. Open daily from daylight to dark.


Comprised of over 800 acres of braided creek and hardwood flats. The sanctuary offers boardwalks, bridges, bike and walking trails for viewing natural lowcountry wildlife and beauty. Spanish moss drips from Cypress trees and wildflowers abound as you pass a beaver pond, duck pond, butterfly garden.


Walterboro Library Society Building (Little Library)

803 Wichman St./Fishburne St.

Now headquarters of the Colleton County Historical & Preservation Society, the "Little Library" was built in 1820 when the Library Society was established. The small frame building is an example of Federal architecture. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Old Water Tower

Memorial Ave./ Washington Street.

The tower (built around 1915) is built of reinforced concrete and is 133 feet high. The tank section above the windows holds 100,000 gallons of water. At the base of the Tower are three jail cells where travelers, if stranded here many years ago and not able to pay for lodging, were allowed to stay here.


Self-Guided Tour of Historic Walterboro

(843) 538-4353

The tour is designed to walk you through Walterboro's intriguing past as it evolves into today's lifestyle with 55 points of interest. There are two historic districts located in Walterboro: Historic Hickory Valley, a largely residential area with homes dating between 1814 and 1929; and the Walterboro Historic District, which covers the historic businesses and the lovely small town full of southern charm and heritage. Both districts having listings in the National Register of Historic Places. Brochures are available at the Walterboro Welcome Center (1273 Sniders Hwy. 538-4353), the SC Artisans Center, Colleton Museum, and Walterboro Chamber of Commerce.


Tuskegee Airmen Monument

Hwy. 17A,WalterboroAirport.

During World War II, the Walterboro Army Airfield served as a training ground for Army airmen including a group of the Tuskegee Airmen. In May, 1997, a monument honoring their bravery was placed at the site. This was also the site of a POW camp and base hospital.


Walking Park
Colleton Medical Center
501 Robertson Blvd


Walterboro Rocks Hiotts