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Accommodations Tax Board (A-Tax)

Building Board

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

City Appearance Board (CAB)

Economic Development Commission

Election Commission

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

Tree Protection Committee (TPC)




The City of Walterboro is looking for individuals who are interested in making our community a great place to live and work.  Applications may be picked up in the City Clerk's office, 2nd floor of City Hall, Mon. - Fri. or click on the link below.  For more information please call 843-782-1010.


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Application for Boards and Commissions


Accommodations Tax Board (A-Tax)

General Information

This Board meets the 3rd Thursday in February, June & October at 10:00am. 

Commission Members

Mr. Thurston Hiers

Mr. Jack Jones

Ms. Alta Mae Marvin

Ms. Susan McConnell

Mr. Amar S Patel

Mr. Charlie Sweat


Ms. Amy Risher, Finance Director serves as staff to this board.


Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

General Information

The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the second Monday of each month.

  • To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in an order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of this Ordinance. 
  • To hear and decide requests for variance from the requirements of this Ordinance when strict application of the provisions of the ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship. Variances shall be approved in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 11.3.
  • To permit uses by special exception subject to the terms and conditions for the uses set forth in the Permitted Uses Table in Section 2.4 as Special Exceptions.  Special Exceptions shall be approved in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 11.3. 

Commission Members

Ms. Dandi L Daniels

Mr. Travis J Godley

Mr. Y.S. "Bud" Linder

Mr. Tom J McDaniel, Chair


Mr. Jeff Molinari, City Manager serves as staff to this board.



Building Board

The Building Board committee consist of two architects, a general contractor or engineer and three at large from the building industry. 

Committee Members

Mr. Thomas Berry, Chair

Mr. Jimmy Beach

Mr. Carl Brown

Mr. Charlie Brightwell

Mr. Willie Webster

VACANT, Building Official serves as staff to this board.

This Committee only meets when needed. 


City Appearance Board (CAB)

General Information

The City Appearance Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Committee Members

Mr. Dana Cheney, Chair

Ms. Helen T Bodison

Ms. Talika Mock

Ms. Summer Nay

Mr. Horace Simmons



Councilman James Broderick serves as liaison. 


Election Commission

General Information


Commission Members

Mr. T Payton Crosby

Mr. Monroe Rhodes, Jr


City Manager or his designee serves as secretary.  Meets as needed.


Economic Development Commission

General Information


Commission Members

Mr. George E Field

Mr. Henry Hiott

Ms. Nicole Holmes

Mr. Marvin Jones III

Mr. Peden McLeod

Dr. Gail Rearden

Council Member Judy Bridge serves as liaison. 

City Manager Jeff Molinari serves as staff to this commission. 


Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

(aka Architectural Review Board)

Commission Members

Ms. Sherry Cawley, Chair

Mr. B Scott Cook

Ms. Mary Corbett

Ms. Linda Godley, Vice-Chair

Ms. Lucille Powers

Ms. Bonnie Ross serves as staff to this commission. 



Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

General Information

The Planning Commission prepares and periodically makes recommendations of revision the City of Walterboro Comprehensive Plan, as well as all development plans and programs for the City and all implementation measures required to carry out the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, including:

  • The Unified Development Ordinance which includes zoning, subdivision, land development, and historic preservation regulations.
  • The Official Zoning Map.
  • The Capital Improvements Program. The Commission shall catalog public improvements needed in the City, place them in a logical chronological order, and rank them. An annual list of priority projects should be forwarded to the City Council.
  • Design waivers in accordance with Section 11.4.

Commission Members

Mr. Chris Bickley

Mr. Earl "Jack" Jackson, III

Mr. Glen Nixon, Chair

Mr. Greg Pryor


Mr. Jeff Molinari, City Manager serves as staff to this commission. 


Tree Protection Committee (TPC)

General Information

10.6.2 Powers & Duties

The Tree Protection Committee shall have the following duties:

A. Advise the city on needed revisions to Section 6.3 regarding tree protection;

B. Review and recommend disposition of permit requests not specifically authorized under Section 6.3; and

C. Review permit requests and advise City Council on appeals filed pursuant to Section 6.3.

Committee Members

Mr. Mike Ferrari

Mr. Calvin Bailey

Ms. Mitzi Carter

Ms. Sue Tilden, Chair

Mr. Bobby Wilkinson, III



Todd Litchfield, SCE&G, serves as Ex-officio member of this committee.

The Parks Director Adam Davis serves as staff to this committee.




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