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New HP-O Map-2014


UDO - Zoning Ord: 

Chapter 1 - Purpose & Authority

Chapter 2 - Zoning Districts

Chapter 3 - Conditional Uses

Chapter 4 - Building Design Requirements

Chapter 5 - Signs

Chapter 6 - Environmental Protection & Open Space

Chapter 7 - Landscaping & Buffering

Chapter 8 - Parking & Driveways

Chapter 9 - Infrastructure

Chapter 10 - Administration

Chapter 11 - Review & Approval Procedures

Chapter 12 - Development Plan Requirements

Chapter 13 - Nonconformities

Chapter 14 - Amendments

Appendices - Definitions 




Code Enforcement

The Planning and Development Department assures compliance with the International Code Council (building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas and fire) to preserve the safety, health and welfare of City residents.  Current Codes Adopted by the City of Walterboro-click here. 


Assist with Permit Applications and Approvals:  




  • Peddlers Permit Application
  • Transient Merchant Permit Application    
  • Building Plan Reviews, Fence Codes,  Plat Approvals, Code Enforcement, Sign Codes, Political Signs, Temporary Signs/Banners, Public Right-of-Way Signs
  • Contractor Licensing for the City of Walterboro
  • Flood Plain Management
  • Interpret Building Codes for all Zoning Districts of the City: 
    • RCD-Resource Conservation District,
    • ID-Industrial District,
    • IICD-Interstate Interchange Commercial District,
    • HCD-Highway Commericial District,
    • GCD-General Commercial District,
    • CBD-Central Business District,   
    • NCD-Neighborhood Commercial District,
    • SFR-Single Family Residential,
    • MDR-Medium Density Residential,
    • HDR-High Density Residential, 
    • Bed & Breakfast Zoning District 
    • Historic Districts - Residential Structures
    • Historic Districts - Commercial Structures
  • Inspect property to ensure that building structures are maintained in accordance with safety standards and that they comply with codes.  Guidance and assistance are also provided to other communities upon request.
  • Enforce compliance with codes, regulations, ordinances and construction requirements such as littering, tree preservation, junk vehicles, delapidated buildings, temporary signs and banners, public right-of-way signs, alternative financial services institutes, etc.
  • Assist with developmental use of land structures
  • Provide administrative services to the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Municipal Planning Commission
  • Maintain the Community Rating System, which allows residents discounts on flood insurance premiums
  • Coordinate development of the City of Walterboro Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Check Setback Requirement


Most inspections will be scheduled for Tuesday's and Thursday's unless you have an emergency.  You will need to provide your Permit Number, job site address and the type of inspection needed.  Please be sure all work has been completed before requesting an inspection.  Call the Planning & Development Department at 843-782-1000, ext "0".   The results of your inspection will be posted at the job site. 


The Building Inspector may make as many inspections as he deems necessary during the construction, repair or removal of a building.  When the work is completed, he shall make a final inspection and issue a certificate stating that the work complies with the City Codes.


Once in each calendar year the Building Inspector or his deputy shall make an inspection of any building in the corporate limits of the city and for such purpose he or his deputy may enter any building without molestation by anyone. 


Whenever the Building Inspector or his deputy finds any defect in work being performed, or any unsafe or decayed condition of any building, he shall notify the owner thereof to comply with the law, and it shall be the duty of the said owner to comply. 


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HUD Section 3 Update-2014

Inspections Required

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Permits Required - Exempt - COMMERCIAL-BEING UPDATED

Permits Required - Exempt - RESIDENTIAL

Pools, Spas, & Hot Tub Safety

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Setbacks for Each Zoning District 

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Historic Information

Historic Preservation Residential Guidelines Chapters 1-3

Historic Preservation Residential Guidelines Chapters 4-6

NEW HP-O Map adopted 07/22/14, click here.

Historic Preservation Commercial Guidelines