Business Environment

In Walterboro, we want to grow our corporate community, and our business environment reflects that. Companies enjoy low costs and generous incentive programs, along with centrally located sites and a healthy supply of available workers.

Retail demand. A study of Walterboro by Buxton, a site selection and market analysis firm, shows that our Actual Retail Market is more than three times per capita income, partly because the entire city is adjacent to I-95, with fast access to downtown from two exits. Retail categories that have especially good opportunities for growth include building materials, garden equipment and supplies, sporting goods, clothing, fine dining, and fast food.

Hospitality demand. Walterboro's status as a popular stopping point for travelers has remained strong throughout the economy's ups and downs, and current inventory does not meet demand. Our hotels boast an average of more than 650 occupied rooms per night; facilities frequently sell out. These tired and hungry travelers seek out familiar lodging and restaurant establishments, presenting a fantastic opportunity for mid-level and upscale national brands.