Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee


General Information  

The Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee was established in 2005 to make recommendations to City Council on the expenditure of revenue generated by the State Accommodations Tax as required by the South Carolina Code of Laws, 6-4-25 Sect. 3.


The purpose of the Committee is to recommend eligible non-profit organizations demonstrating existing or ongoing tourism promotion programs to be deemed recipients of Accommodations Tax Funds; establish and implement procedures by which such organizations and their programs can submit requests for consideration and be reviewed in a timely, orderly fashion; ensure that maximum benefit for tourism related activities is achieved for the City of Walterboro.


The Committee is scheduled to meet at 10:00 a.m. in Council Chambers on the third Thursday in February, June, and October.  Schedule is subject to change and each application request and meeting is published in a newspaper of general circulation in the area.  Applicants are welcome to attend the open meeting however they do not need to be present to receive funding.


Applications are due by the First Monday of February, June and October in order for the committee to receive and review them before the meetings.  You may check the Newspaper ad or call Amy Risher, Director Finance & Administration at (843) 782-1061 to verify the due date of the application and the date of the meeting.


Committee Members  

Ms. Alta Mae Marvin - Chairperson

(1st) Seat # At Large


(1st) Seat # Lodging


Mrs. Susan McConnell
(2nd) Seat # At Large


Mr. Amar Patel
(2nd) Seat # Lodging

Mr. Charlie Sweat
(1st) Seat # Cultural

Mr. Thurston Hiers
(1st) Seat # Hospitality

Mr. Jack Jones
(2nd) Seat # Hospitality


Ms. Amy Risher, Finance Director serves as staff to this board. 


To Make a Funding Request  

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Director Finance & Administration
Amy Risher

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